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My Kid is Cute…

November 18, 2009

I never understand how people take one look at a baby and exclaim how adorable he/she is.  Usually all newborns look the same to me – little, red, screaming and angry.  When Maya was born she didn’t really look like me or Ali but of course I thought she was cute nonetheless because she was my kid.  I’d gone through 12 hours of labor so she dammed well better be cute after all that work!  Naturally, if I was a bit more objective I would have noticed that she too was red and screaming and extremely angry.  (Fast forward 4 years and some things haven’t really changed all that much).

To say that Maya was demanding was an understatement – she cried, she didn’t sleep, she screamed, and then she cried some more.  There were times when she wouldn’t eat or play or do anything but cry.  Those were the times I wanted to shoot myself in the head.  About twenty times a day I would ask myself where those happy feelings of motherhood were because I certainly didn’t have them.

And then suddenly one day she turned into a cute, happy baby:

And I kind of understood why people had kids. 

I am being super objective when I say this – but Maya just got cuter and cuter.  She has this ridiculous ability to wrap anyone around her little finger.  Just ask my in-laws who literally cannot say no to her.  This results in shopping trips that end in 4 pairs of new shoes.  We are going to change Maya’s name to Amelda soon.

Maya still gets a lot of attention from strangers but now its become a bit of a problem.  Allow me to explain.  People will come up to us and tell me how beautiful Maya is and how she should be a model, etc., all while Maya is listening.  While it is so nice of people to be so complimentary the problem is that Maya now expects it.  One could say that compliments have gone to her head.  And therein lies the problem.  Maya seems to need to be the center of attention and if she isn’t, well she’ll make sure to do something that people can’t ignore. 

I am scared for the future.  Yes I know I am getting a bit ahead of myself as Maya is only 4, but  I don’t want her to put so much emphasis on her looks (and yes I need to practice what I preach).  I try to explain how it is more important to be smart.  Looks don’t matter I tell her.  She just looks at me like I am idiot when I tell her that.  She lives in L.A.  She knows things. 

Being a parent is hard.  So while I attempt to figure out how to rectify the situation I will just try to appreciate the attention Maya gets.  Is it terrible to wish that I was getting attention too?!?

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  1. June 8, 2010 11:01 am

    Lynn linked to this post on her blog today, and I was really intrigued by the subject matter. I don’t usually comment on blogs if I don’t know what to say, even if I find the topic interesting, because I don’t want to leave a comment that doesn’t contribute to the discussion. But I found this interesting and just wanted to say I hear ya on the challenge! I’m 20 and not a mother, but I think any girl can relate to either being sought after or having to compete with other girls who are more often favored because of their good looks. And my name is Maya, too, so I had to give a shout out to your daughter too!


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