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Letter Writing Queen

November 17, 2009

If there is one thing I learned from my dad it’s how to write a letter that gets results.  I’ve written to so many companies to complain about so many things, mostly on behalf of my dad.  He’d request that I draft something and then he’d whip out his Montblanc pen (incidentally he made me write Montblanc a letter about how their ink refills were too expensive to justify their short lives) and revise away.  I think he used to love critiquing my letters about as much as he loves shopping for socks at TJ Maxx.  My dad thrives on getting a good deal.

My dad doesn’t ask me to write things on his behalf so much anymore, but after learning from the master I find myself drafting away on my own.  Among other things, I have managed to replace my defective sofa at no cost to me.  I’ve also managed to get my cousin admitted into grad school by writing her appeal letter.  The success feels great.  Now if only I was as successful in other aspects of my life.  But thats another whole post.

Anyway, after reading Jillian Michaels’ Master Your Metabolism I decided to throw out any household/beauty product that could be potentially harmful.  That was basically everything.  After the massive purge I headed to Target to restock.  Target hasn’t quite hopped on the organic bandwagon yet so selection was limited.  I did manage to pick up a few things though, including this sunscreen:

Initially I was quite pleased with this product.  It smells great, goes on well, doesn’t feel too thick.  The SPF could have been a bit higher but since I planned to reapply it throughout the day that wasn’t that big of a deal.  It seemed to meet all Jillian’s ingredient criteria too.  The only problem was that  around noon each day my eyes started stinging pretty badly.  Since my contact lenses already drive me crazy the added stinging was a bit too much for my irritated eyes to handle.  I finally put two and two together (I’m quick aren’t I?) and realized that the sunscreen was somehow getting into my eyes as the day progressed.  I gave it a few days and when the stinging kept happening I wrote Avalon a letter via their website.

It had been a few weeks with no reply.  I figured they probably didn’t care.  I put them right up there with the INS (now that was a fun letter).  So imagine my amazement today when I received not only a letter thanking me for my email but also two coupons for free products and two $3 off coupons as well!

Thank you Avalon, I am very impressed with your fabulous customer service and I am excited to give your products a second chance.

Sorry for the abrupt ending but I have to go.  I have a ton more letters to write.

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