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Cupcakes Anyone?

November 19, 2009
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I don’t particularly like school events.  I know that sounds very unsupportive of my 4-year-old but I can’t help it.  Usually its just a bunch of bored parents half heartedly trying to make conversation while we keep one eye on our child who is running around eating instead of sitting down in one place like they do at home.  I’d rather be doing just about anything else.  But our family’s designated social director, aka Maya, LOVES school events and thus we find ourselves participating in just about every single one.

In honor of Thanksgiving Maya’s preschool is having a “Harvest Festival.”  Cute concept but last year it was chaos.  Kids on massive sugar highs while their parents were literally pushing in line to get a turkey leg.  Apparently some of us forgot the reason behind the holiday.  And don’t even get me started on the parking situation.  There just isn’t enough time for that one. 

This year Maya decided to volunteer me for cupcakes.  So while I was amenable to making the cupcakes I was scared for my life when I found out her class was in charge of side dishes.  Maya has an extremely scary love of cake that one shouldn’t mess with.  I carefully explained to her that we had to bring rice or pasta and wouldn’t it be fun if she helped me with some penne?  She just looked at me like I was crazy. So cupcakes it was.

Normally I’d bust out my laptop and head to to figure out the best recipe possible. But faced with the daunting task of cooking for an entire Harvest Festival, I relied on the trans fat filled help of Betty Crocker. I know, terrible, right?  At least I let Maya pick what artificial flavor she preferred. I’m a good mom like that.  Of course she went with chocolate. That’s my girl.

This morning we were up and baking pretty early.

Yes Maya was in her pajamas.  We’re classy like that.

I explained to Maya that she had to wash her hands after coughing because nobody wanted her germs on their cupcakes.  So off she went to wash her hands.  The minute she came back she decided to scratch her head.  So I sent her off again to wash her hands.  We put in a couple of good minutes of decorating when, you guessed it, she decided to pop a sprinkle in her mouth.  So I sent her off yet again.  This time she was super ticked off.  So was I.  And then she came back and wouldn’t you believe it, she scratched her neck.  Talk about a psychosomatic moment.  We had some words but she did go wash her hands again.  Things were pretty tense but luckily we proceeded through the rest of the frosting/decorating session with no further incidents.  (Actually out of my peripheral vision I think I saw her scratch her head but I pretended like I didn’t see it.  Sorry in advance Harvest Festival goers).

The finished product turned out pretty good:

I knew I could count on you Betty. 

Now I just need to get through the actual event.  Can’t you tell how excited I am for it?

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  1. November 20, 2009 9:53 am

    lol. “Thank you Betty.” Atleast you didn’t go buy a bag of oreos. Kudos for the effort. 😀

  2. November 20, 2009 8:20 pm

    Thank you…I appreciate the kind words!!

  3. February 15, 2012 2:16 pm

    Hilarious!! And I lover her pj’s.

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