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May 6, 2015

Ali just returned from Montreal, where he was on a “work trip.”

I use quotes here because:

  • Ali’s work trips – which often involve destinations such as Turks and Caicos and Hawaii – are always the cause for much suspicion, and
  • I like to overuse quotes.
Generations...My mom came for a visit...

Generations…My mom came for a visit…

Per my request he returned with two Montreal bagels, which sadly tasted identical to Starbucks bagels.

Rest assured I’m not implying Ali forgot to buy my bagels and then purchased them at Starbucks at JFK or anything. Just making an innocent comparison.

Picnic in Central Park...

Picnic in Central Park…

Additionally, Ali returned with a Go Pro Camera “for Maya,” which was obviously NOT per my request.

Me: “May I list the reasons that Maya does not need a Go Pro Camera?”

Ali: “No you may not.”

Me: “Will she even know what to do with a Go Pro Camera? I mean, she’s 10. Plus she’s been half-assing her homework lately and isn’t making her bed properly. Pretty sure she doesn’t need to be rewarded at the moment.”

Ali: “Let’s make the camera a reward for doing better in school. She can use it on the weekends.”

Weekend trip to Roosevelt Island...

Weekend trip to Roosevelt Island…

I went with this because I’m trying really hard NOT to dictate how Maya should be raised. After all, parenting is supposed to be a joint effort, right?

Unless of course it involves making her meals, washing her clothes, helping her with homework, or being a disciplinarian, in which case I’m definitely a single parent.

Cherry Tree (I think?) + Maya at the NY Botanical Gardens.

Cherry Tree (I think?) + Maya at the NY Botanical Gardens.

So yesterday, with much flourish and excitement, he presented Maya with the camera.

Maya: “Thanks Dad but I don’t need a Go Pro Camera.”

Just as I’d thought. She also didn’t need more than a few bites of her Montreal bagel either, which she quickly deemed bland and chewy.

Which sounds suspiciously like a Starbucks bagel to me…

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  1. May 6, 2015 12:45 am

    Is Ali’s company hiring? Because man, I need more more “work” trips in my life. And who am I kidding, I’d totally polish off a Starbucks bagel.

    PS: Love love that picture of you, your mom and Maya. Pretty ladies!

    • May 6, 2015 9:36 am

      Thanks for the compliment A!

      I need a “work” trip too…wish someone would send me to Montreal! Or to SF so I could hang out with you. 🙂

  2. May 6, 2015 5:05 am

    🙂 hmmm. I don’t know. I am too English for bagels. I rather have my tea with scones or fresh French croissants. I love the comparison to Starbucks though. Lol

    • May 6, 2015 9:37 am

      If I lived in London I’d have scones for breakfast every day…or even an English muffin which, in the UK, is in a totally different league to what we have here.

  3. May 6, 2015 7:41 am

    The entire blog had me cracking up. How are you not angry? Am I lighting a fire? I dont mean too – I’m asking because allot of the times I feel like a single parent. And that makes me angry.

    • May 6, 2015 9:38 am

      I am angry all the time. Trust me! I’m working on not vocalizing it though.

      I simply drown the anger in sarcasm….

  4. May 6, 2015 12:52 pm

    A go pro?! Haha. A small part of me wishes Maya was more excited…just so we could read about it in a future post!

    And I love that pic of you, Maya, and your mom. Beauties!

  5. May 10, 2015 10:32 am

    you crack me up! I don’t even know what a go pro is, and I avoid Starbucks like the plague lol. hope you’re having a wonderful Mother’s Day, Ameena! xoxoxo

    • May 10, 2015 6:42 pm

      Happy Mother’s Day to you as well Kelli! Thanks for the comment – I’m glad I’m not the only person who doesn’t frequent Starbucks!!

  6. May 11, 2015 1:18 pm

    I was going to say the same thing. I need a few more work trips in my life. My only one for the year is a weekend in Anaheim!! MJ has a Go-Pro, but like Maya, I do nothing that would necessitate such a camera. I could strap it on while I run errands but the grocery store is just not that exciting! LOL

  7. May 18, 2015 10:38 am

    I love how polite Maya is about rejecting a present. That was how I reacted when my mom tried giving me an e-reader. Granted I was 25 at the time, BUT STILL.

    Sorry to hear about the bland Starbucks (I mean Montreal) bagels. I guess you’ll just have to go yourself for your own “work trip.”

    Also, I’m heading to London June 1 (at last)! Paris is also on the agenda along with other countries. If you have any “must eat/drink” locations for London and Paris I would love to hear your thoughts. I need one lovely afternoon tea time. 🙂

    • May 19, 2015 7:41 pm

      I will send you suggestions for both cities! I have lots of them. 🙂

      So thrilled for your trip. Please eat several scones on my behalf!

  8. May 28, 2015 2:33 pm

    I’m so jealous of Ali’s business vacations Turks and Hawaii.. nice! It was so nice meeting up with you.

  9. July 15, 2015 10:57 am

    Classic Ameena writing here – loved this post 🙂

    • July 15, 2015 6:51 pm

      Thank you again DK! I appreciate your nice comments.


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