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I Watch Reality TV

December 2, 2009

After working in the television industry for many years now, I have heard laments from more than enough of my colleagues about how reality TV has been the downfall of the entertainment industry.  To be fair, they often say this for selfish reasons.  The truth is that reality TV is cheaper, easier, and quicker to produce than a sitcom or drama, and thus puts their more creative jobs in jeopardy.  Job security aside, I do agree that reality TV is pretty terrible and every year when pilot season comes I am amazed at how someone was able to think up yet another lame idea.

Remember Paradise Hotel?  Neither do I.  

What about I’m a Celebrity?  Um, why would I watch anything that includes these two idiots?  Please go away Heidi and Spencer.  Please.

Or what about Kid Nation?  I am sad to admit that this disaster was during my tenure at CBS.  Luckily I was safely ensconced in my office, my eyes glued to an Excel screen.  I refuse to take any blame for this show!

On the other side of the coin there actually are some decent reality shows.  Initially I had issues with The Biggest Loser.  I thought the title was degrading but now that I see how many people the show has inspired I am okay with it.  (I still don’t watch it though.  I simply can’t get through 2 hours of Jillian Michaels!)

And then there’s Extreme Makeover …I love that they went from making over people to making over homes for deserving families.  On a side note I’ve always thought that this Ty moron should be fired, not only for having his picture taken like this but also for getting a DUI:

And then there are shows in the middle of the good and the bad.  A while back I was embarrassed to admit I watch America’s Next Top Model but what I am about to admit is much worse.  I watch The City.  Yes, its true.  I hope my colleagues can forgive this terrible transgression.  I am a busy person – I work and sometimes I pay attention to my husband and child and I know I shouldn’t have time to watch this ridiculous show.  And yet I make time.   Why??

I decided to sit down and figure out why I like this obviously scripted “unscripted” reality show.

1. I am in love with New York.  If I can’t be there right now then at least I can live vicariously through a few twenty somethings who get paid to basically do nothing except drink and party in NYC.

2. I am in love with the clothes on this show.  If only I could get away with dressing in LA like they do on The City. But sadly my entirely male office would laugh at me if I showed up in anything nicer than jeans.

3. I want to be Olivia Palermo.  Actually I just want to look like her since she clearly isn’t very smart or nice.  Bitchy personality aside I LOVE her style and clothes and her hair. 

4. Whitney is just about the nicest person on TV.  She makes me want to be a nicer person too.  Sad but true.

I suppose these are pretty good reasons to stop feeling guilty about watching this show.  My brother says I have a serious problem with my guilt complex in that I feel guilty for everything.  He’s right. So I am going to go watch my DVR’d episode from last night and enjoy.  Anyone else a fan?

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  1. December 3, 2009 8:52 pm

    Omgg I watch The City too!!! I love her face. I want it. Hehehe!

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