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Who Doesn’t Love Anthropologie?

November 11, 2009

Yesterday was a rare day.  After work I headed to 3rd Street Promenade instead of sitting in gridlock traffic for 20 minutes to go the three miles from my office to Maya’s preschool.   I was nearly giddy with excitement at my freedom.  I was going shopping without a little person asking if she can have a snack.  Asking me for water.  Then telling me she needs to go potty.  Asking me when she can have ice cream and if not today then WHEN?  Tomorrow?  And then when she gets home can she watch TV?  How many shows?  Had the DVR recorded Dora?  Could we read a book at bedtime?  Which book?  Dora?  Then, you guessed it, telling me she needs to go potty again. 

So my mission was to buy a birthday gift for a friend and because I was flying solo, I was excited that I would be able to focus for a change.  Now I am not a shopper by any means because I lack patience.  (To be honest I lack patience when it comes to a lot of things, my 4-year-old included.  Poor kid).  I actually wish I had a twin who loved to shop because I don’t particularly do well with lots of options, nor do I excel at putting things together but somehow I don’t seem to have any problems at Anthropologie.  I’m not sure if it’s because their layout is so inviting and easy to sift through – anyone else feel this way?  Or maybe it’s because their clothes are just worth the effort.  Anyway, I really do love taking a leisurely look through their store and since I had no little hand tapping my thigh telling me she was bored and ready to go, I did in fact take a long, leisurely stroll through the store yesterday. 

If I had been shopping for myself – which I unfortunately wasn’t – these are the 3 things I would have loved to purchase:

Shoelaced Cardigan

Shoelaced Cardigan

I love sweaters and this one is no exception.  The drape is really unique on this cardigan and its heavy enough for an L.A. winter.  Not a bad price either.

Gold Coast Blouse

This shirt is perfect for layering because the neckline is so unique.  I always love ruffles at the neck.  It would work in and out of the office too.  I think $68 is very reasonable for this versatile piece!

And finally…myfavorite thing from yesterday…

Serpentine Shimmer Headband

I absolutely love this headband and I think I might pick it up the next time I am in Anthropologie.  I tried it on and it looked great but I was also having a rare good-hair-day where the frizz factor was minimal.  I’m not sure it would work on me under normal circumstances when my hair is sticking up in all directions. 

Usually there isn’t too much I don’t like at Anthro.  I did find a bunch of strange plaid shirts though and I’m wondering if grunge is coming back?

Banking Grounds Blouse

I am not a fan!  I bet these all end up on the sale rack fairly quickly. 

I managed to purchase what I went in for, a birthday gift.  I won’t say what it is in case the said friend is possibly reading this.  But all in all it was a great solo visit to my favorite store.  The only thing missing was my favorite 4-year-old fashionista…


….you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.

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  1. Shahbano permalink
    March 4, 2010 10:44 pm

    I am Anthropologie obsessed too. You can’t go wrong there!

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