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The Most Expensive Tacos…

November 10, 2009

Did I mention I have a brother?  He is 7 years younger than me, about 4 inches taller, and a whole lot smarter.  I don’t say that about anyone, ever.  But he really is smarter.  (He is also single for all the ladies out there…I’d post his picture but I think he might murder me if I did).  Anyway, because he is so much smarter he makes about 7 times more than me.  If it were anyone other than my brother I’d be super jealous.  But lucky for me he is extremely likeable and very generous.  A few weeks ago he took me to The Roof Garden at the Peninsula Hotel.  All because I did him a favor.  I won’t get into that because my mom might be reading my blog.  And again, she might be the only one reading my blog right now so I need to keep her happy. 

The Roof Garden is, well, on the roof of the hotel.  On a gorgeous day, which this day was, one can sit outside and think they are in heaven.  The servers are very friendly, the ambiance is SO nice, and sheltered from the insane traffic, the smog, and most of the unfriendly Angelenos, one can almost forget they are in Los Angeles.  Well for about a minute anyway, until you see a waiter taking a series of ice creams to the pool, in a 6-cone holder that appeared to be specially made for the hotel. 

So the best thing in the world at this restaurant are the fish tacos.  They are absolutely incomparable.  The flour tortillas are like crack they are so amazing.  I could eat 5 of those just on their own.  And the fish just melts in your mouth and the mango salsa is delicious.  The only glitch?  The plate of 4 tacos is $24.  Yes, that means each taco is $6.  Okay to some  this may not seem like a lot.  But when my husband, daughter and I go out to eat we usually spend $30 total.  And this is at a respectable restaurant like CPK or Cheesecake Factory.  So spending 80% of our total dining-out budget on tacos seems a bit excessive.  Needless to say I don’t eat these fish tacos too often.

Even though my brother was taking us out, I still experienced some anxiety about the $24 tacos.  I have a problem wasting my own money along with anyone else’s.  For me food is just not something I can justify spending a ton on.  So I resisted the urge to order them and went with this $16 salad instead.

Peninsula 1

I know, highway robbery.  Was it delicious?  Yes.  Was it worth $16?  No.  While it appears quite substantial in the picture, there wasn’t too much actual volume there.  A bit of lettuce, a few slices of grapefruit, and a lot of dressing.  After demolishing it, and one of my husband’s tacos (off to the right side in the picture below – luckily he ordered them and is willing to share) most of the bread basket, AND a cappuccino, I was finally full.  

Peninsula 2

I think next time I’ll stop over thinking things and just order the tacos.

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  1. TheDinMan permalink
    November 11, 2009 7:51 pm

    So do you think these tacos are a whole lot better than the ones at Cheesecake Factory? I like their sides but the mango salsa at Penninsula is definitely very good. I figure you are also paying for the ambiance and spying who is taking a cosmetic vacation and resting by the pool.

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