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Hot Dog = Dentist?

December 8, 2009

I had no idea how to entertain Maya after school today.  This was cause for some concern being that Ali had a work related dinner tonight and Maya and I were looking forward to at quite a bit of one-on-one time. I almost felt sorry for Ali having to attend yet another boring dinner but when I found out it was at Shutters on the Beach I felt sorry for myself instead.

So the park was out due to the frigid 56 degree temperatures.  We were already up to our ears in library books due to a recent visit so that was out too.  We spent nearly two hours at Borders on Sunday and didn’t buy a thing so I wasn’t sure we’d be welcome there either.  Our last resort?   The play place at the Westside Pavillion Mall

Conceptually this place is great because the kids play in a semi-contained area while the adults sit and watch.  The problems are numerous and as follows:

1. Most of these kids are spoiled West Los Angeles brats who don’t hesitate to whack another kid if they feel like it.
2. Most of the parents couldn’t care less and don’t notice or care if their kid is beating up yours. 
3. The play place is strategically located in the middle of the food court and thus your kid is constantly asking for something fried and/or full of sugar.
4. The last time we were there Maya jumped off the hot dog structure of all things and chipped her tooth requiring an emergency visit with Maya’s dentist. As though the scheduled visits weren’t bad enough!!
5. This place is chock full of germs. And I mean chock full.

We stopped to admire the Christmas decor on our way up.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, apparently I am 100 years old and unable to hold a camera still.

The play place was teeming with germs kids whose parents were also at a loss of what to do on a cold day.

Maya managed to leap off the offending hot dog without needing to collect her teeth afterwards.

Other than a little boy elbowing another kid in the face, a crying child who was lost for a few minutes until security found his mom at Panda Express drowning her sorrows in MSG, and two brothers fighting over their 20 piece nuggets, things remained fairly peaceful. 

Immediately after our departure I doused Maya in hand sanitizer and upon returning home placed her in a hot bath.  I hope my measures minimize the germs but I can only hope for the best.  Looking at the bright side of things, at least we killed an hour without any need for further dental care.  I’d call the afternoon a success!

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